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About Wildkart

 Please, let us introduce our company.
Wildkart is a reality which was born from Metalfil, an Italian company which worked in precision engineering in aeronautics since 1996.
After working for several years as subcontractors and after accumulating experience in the most sensitive areas of mechanics, we realized that we could put our know-how to the services of Kart's world, which was far from the production's and construction's systems of the actual Automotive.

Our Technology

In 2002 we decided to make our ideas concrete and to propose You the brand Wildkart. From the idea of an innovation, to the study and the development of our products into a well equipped office, till the working process, everything is done in our company where, from the raw material of Italian origin, highly specialized staff creates our various articles with CNC precision's machines "Made in Japan".

How You can see under the section "Products", all our products are offered in different colours. These colours are obtained from anodic oxidation treatment.
Our continuous investments, the high quality of our products, the efficiency in service and our passion make the difference of Wildkart.
We hope that these few words can permit You to better understand how Wildkart works into the International Karting World.
Here next You can find some pictures of our firm.
We are really proud to show You our particularly refined systems and the machines that we regularly use, aware that it is hard to find something similar elsewhere.

Too good to be true?
Let's do a little visit into our firm, so You can better value what is described here above.
You just have to click the following video!
See You soon!



Wildkart Srl - Via Madonna Nera 2, 31030 Borso del Grappa (TV)
Tel. +39 0423 542374 - WhatsApp +39 392 9741377 - Fax. +39 0423 542371

P.Iva, CF, Registro Imprese di Treviso 04149990261 

Capitale Sociale € 100.000,00



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WhatsApp +39 392 9741377 


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