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Seat Fitting
 Seat fitting is the single most important weight adjustment on the kart and is done before weight distribution analysis. Perfect seat placement may result in almost perfect weight distribution before any weight is even added to the kart. WildKart provides a set of specifications for seat placement that should be followed as closely as possible.
Weight Distribution
 The most important handling adjustment is made before the kart reaches the track. The kart must be scaled and adjusted to ensure optimum performance. The desired wieght distribution is achieved by scaling and adjusting the chassis and moving around weights.
Rear End Setup
 The rear end of a kart begins from the back of the seat with adjustments including wheel hub length, track, rear ride height, axle stiffness, and seat struts. Changes to these settings are usually made when handling problems occur on the exit of the corner.
Front End Setup
 Many important and easy handling adjustments can be made to the front end of the kart. Most handling problems that occur during the entrance of the corner are probably results of improper front end adjustment. Turn in, front end bite, and steering response can all be corrected by simple adjustments to the front of the kart.
Torsion Bars
 As the name says, the torsion bars give the chassis stability, both front and rear. When using the rear torsion bar it is important that the kart does not have too much grip, which would make the engine choke when accelerating. The front torsion bar is imparatively recommended.
Kart Maintenance
 If you want your chassis to work at its peak performance level, you’re going to have to treat it well by performing the required maintenance. This means you will  have to check things such as the bolts and screws, bearings, brakes, chain, spindles and stub axles, etc. You have to make sure all of these components are in good working order or you may have to fix them.


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