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Kart Maintenance
If you want your chassis to work at its peak performance level, you’re going to have to treat it well by performing the required maintenance. This means you will  have to check things such as the bolts and screws, bearings, brakes, chain, spindles and stub axles, etc. You have to make sure all of these components are in good working order or you may have to fix them.

  • Chassis Revisions
    Varify that the frame has sustained no damages, brakes, cracks, traumas which may effect the chassis performance properties. It is also imperative that the axle bearings are regulary cleaned for optimum performance. It is also recommended that the front spindles/stub-axles are controlled to insure that they reflect the original degree angle inclination (for this procedure we strongly advise the use WildKart laser alignment tool).

  • Brake System Maintenance
    Periodic control checks should be made to the brake oil levels and brake pads to ensure the proper function of the brake system. Revisions to the brake system: Substitute brake seals after 20 – 25 hours of use, change oil after every 15 hours of use, always make sure that the cylinder is perfectly smooth and without any surface imperfections.

  • Systematic Checking
    - After driving, always check the tyre pressure
    - Before the first run, check if the seat is mounted properly
    - After driving, always check if all screws are still tight
    - Check the track and castor adjustments
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