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Weight Distribution
The most important handling adjustment is made before the kart reaches the track. The kart must be scaled and adjusted to ensure optimum performance. The desired wieght distribution is achieved by scaling and adjusting the chassis and moving around weights. Improper weight distribution can cause front end push (understeer), excessive or insufficient load on any one tire, chassis binding, and lack of side bite in cornering among many other problems. An improper weight distribution can also lead to incorrect diagnosis of handling problems at the track. For WildKarts, the following weight distributions are recommended:

 KF3 KF1 / KF2 KZ 
 Front 44.4 %
 43.3 %
43.5 %
 Rear 55.6 %
 56.7 %
56.5 %

These are just recommended starting points. Weight can be moved around at the track to change the handling characteristics of the chassis. Moving weight to the front of the kart will provide more front end grip while moving weight to the rear of the kart will provide more rear grip. Keep the side to side weight distribution as close to 50:50 percent as possible.

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