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Torsion Bars
As the name says, the torsion bars give the chassis stability, both front and rear. When using the rear torsion bar it is important that the kart does not have too much grip, which would make the engine choke when accelerating. The front torsion bar is imparatively recommended.

  • Removable Front Torsion Bar
    Removable front torsion bars and clamps affect the mechanical grip of the front tires. Removing the front torsion bar in your kart will decrease front-end mechanical grip.

  • Adjustable / Removable Side Torsion Bar
    The tension bolts on the fourth rail on some karts are designed to allow adjustment to the stiffness of the centre section of these chassis rails. Under normal track conditions this bolt should be left in and done up tight. As a track offers more grip or as rubber goes down on the driving line, then the bolt should be loosened until the point you can turn it freely with your fingers. If the track has good grip with a lot of rubber on the driving line or if the track is very bumpy then the bolt and its spacer should be removed from the kart altogether.

  • Adjustable / Removable Rear Torsion Bar
    The adjustable rear torsion bar is a good tool in helping to create more grip in the back of your kart. This allows you to fine tune the chassis by increasing or decreasing rear end grip. Running the bar with the blade of the torsion bar set vertically to the track's surface, will maximize rear mechanical grip as well reducing rear chassis roll. Turning the bar towards the horizontal position will reduce rear mechanical grip while increasing rear chassis roll. Removing the rear torsion bar completely is the "free-est" setting.
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